I won't bore you with the details of my career but I've been working in beauty and wellbeing for over 23 years. From the launch of Glamour magazine to beauty & health editor at Vogue, launching 
Getthegloss.com as well as writing for Grazia, the Times, YOU magazine and the Telegraph. Over this time I’ve seen a million trends come and go. From the Atkins to plant-based diets, HIIT to heavy weights, meditation to the microbiome, light diffusing foundations to fillers...I've seen, and tried it all.
The greatest lesson I've learnt from it all is that glow doesn't just come from the outside - yes the illuminating serums work  to some extent, and I LOVE beauty products - but glow is also about what lights us up from within. It's the old saying of 'mind, body and spirit' - we need to polish them all in order to shine brightest.

I've also learnt that at midlife the wheels can come RIGHT OFF. It's the greatest hormonal shift we will ever experience (aside from when we were teenagers and yes, many of us are dealing with those simultaneously too.) One day we wake up and we don't feel the same, we look in the mirror and we suddenly don't look the same, our bodies are doing some very peculiar things, and faced with the rest of our lives we don't view life the same way either. Queue all sorts of midlife conundrums (name me one woman that hasn't had one or isn't dealing with one right now.)

Well, I want to help. The GLOW GAZETTE is a monthly newsletter which is dedicated to helping women (particularly at mid life) to feel themselves again through self care, beauty, wellbeing, soul food, as well as emotional and mental health support.

Every month I will be writing about...

  • Hormones - everything around the perimenopuase and menopause and how to manage it

  • Emotional and mental health - life is CRAZY, we go at a million miles an hour in a spin of emails and social media. We are frazzled, out of sorts, angry, teary, jittery (maybe all at once, I hear you ladies)

  • Ways to feel more human - we need to stop for a minute and find ways to get off the hamster wheel of life. In the section 'Sense &Sensitivity' I will take you on a journey every month to step into your senses to feel yourself again 

  • Info on how to nourish our bodies properly - no fads included

  • Finding direction - midlife can feel like a crossroads or maybe that life’s sat nav took us the wrong way

  • An edit of the finest glow inducing beauty products and treatments out there - all tried and tested by me

  • In 'Life Lessons from Wonderful Women'  - I will be interviewing inspiring and brilliant women about what they have learnt in life - the good, the bad and the ugly. 

What it won't include:

  • Gimmicky health and wellbeing trends that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Let's Glow 



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